Thursday, 30 September 2010

Oliver's twist - update

Who can forget Oliver? We featured him on this blog a little while ago and in Dogs Today magazine's October edition. This three-year-old Springer-Patterdale cross suffered an extremely painful spiral fracture to his hind leg. Out-of-work owner Darren Puttock sold his car and his computer to pay Oliver's vet bills, but when there were serious complications the vet bills spiraled out of all control and Darren had nothing left to sell. 
Thankfully Oliver’s break is nearly healed, but unfortunately he is still having to make regular trips to the vets, visiting three or four times a week.


Although he is able to put weight on his leg, this is proving a double-edged sword. As Oliver can now move his limb, his wounds keep reopening, meaning they have to be treated often.
Also, with Oliver bearing weight on his leg, his bone has broken through the skin where he lost the pads on his paw, which sadly cannot be dressed.
Oliver’s owner Darren remains positive, however, and very much hopes that with the continued help of generous dog lovers, his best friend will soon be back to full health. 
Oliver and Darren would like to thank everyone who has responded to Oliver's Just Giving page. "Thanks for your messages of support and donations, you guys and girls are amazing, thank you so much. Oliver & Darren."
If anyone is able to help Darren and Oliver in this final phase of his treatment please click on the link to his Just Giving page. They are still short of what is needed to get this lovely dog back on all four of his feet!