Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Poor Izzi needs our help

Izzi, a three-year-old Great Dane, has recently endured two painful cruciate ligament ruptures and an MRSA infection. Although Izzi is insured, her owner, Margaret Nelson, is facing an expensive vet bill, because the policy's limit has been reached and the insurer regards Izzi's cruciate injuries as the same condition, despite vets stating that they are not.

Izzi was rescued from her breeder's at seven months old, after being discovered locked in a cage. Vets later discovered that Izzi had a compressed skull, the result of being struck with a hammer, and, because of this, her eye was removed.
Margaret explained, "I've owned Great Danes my whole life, and adopted Izzi from Great Dane Rescue in June 2010. I thought that I'd take out good insurance for her, though thankfully she didn't have any more problems with her head."
Unfortunately, shortly afterwards, the cruciate ruptured in Izzi's right leg. It was repaired, but the fixings didn't hold and one of the plates had to be removed because of infection.
Then Izzi's other cruciate ruptured. It was operated on, though afterwards X-rays revealed that a screw in Izzi's left leg had snapped. She had external scaffolding fitted and was also diagnosed with MRSA, from which she has now recovered.
Margaret is a nurse and has been carefully looking after Izzi, as has her other dog, King Charles Tianna. Single mother Margaret is only able to work part-time as she raises her nine-year-old son, Joshua, and has paid over £1,000 towards Izzi's recovery. She is appealing for help from kind-hearted fellow dog owners.
Margaret said, "I can't express how much it will cheer everyone up to see Izzi back to full fitness. I have a disability and when Izzi was well, we could walk three times a day, which I'm sure helped me, without overdoing it. I'm so looking forward to this again."
If you can help Izzi, send a cheque (payable to Tailwaggers Club Trust) c/o Dogs Today at our usual address, or visit http://www.justgiving.com/izzitailwaggersappeal