Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Can you help?

Mandy was the victim of domestic violence. She lost her home, her family, her job. She became very depressed and had a breakdown. The only thing she has left are her pets. Sadly, the council temporary emergency housing she has been offered is not pet friendly. Via an earlier appeal on facebook she was offered, very generously, some temporary accommodation where Mandy, her elderly rescue GSD, her young Dobe and her cat could all stay together but even though it would have been cheaper than the BandB the council refused and further told Mandy she would be making herself "intentionally homeless" if she moved and she would go to the back of the queue for housing. The pets are currently in a short-term temporary foster home, but that runs out very shortly and we need to find a plan B. Mandy can't drive, and needs to be close to the hospital and her counsellors in St Austell, Cornwall for support and medication.

Tailwaggers Club Trust has set up this fund so that we can help Mandy keep her family together. If you could foster the dogs and cat or help in any other way please contact The RSPCA and Dogs Trust have all been informed and are unable to assist. Any donated funds not needed for Mandy's case will be used on other Tailwaggers emergency cases.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Looking for a new team member for Tailwaggers

Do you have some spare time and admin/bookkeeping skills?
Do you love pets and want to help pet owners in crisis?
Have you heard of Tailwaggers Club Trust? This small and ancient charity needs someone to step into the shoes of the legendary Sid Nye who should have retired last March but is still working as hard today as ever! We recognise we are unlikely to find anyone person capable of taking over the whole of his job and are just so incredibly grateful that for more than 20 years he gave his time to the charity free of charge.
We have split the role in two and we now seek someone special to do the admin side.
Are you good with figures - able to do simple book keeping? 
Would be able to attend and co-ordinate four trustees meetings a year
(we meet at the BVA headquarters in London)? 
Have you got a computer with email access?
Tailwaggers Club Trust is a small, ancient charity that helps pet owners in crisis and we are looking for applications for the role of Secretary. 
Here is a brief job description, please email me if you have any questions. 
Tailwaggers is not a wealthy charity by any means, but there is a possibility of a small honorarium with this position for the right candidate as we recognise we would probably have to wait another 20 years for another saint like Sid to come along!
 Please email if you are interested or want to know more.

Secretary's job description


Maintain record of all payments and receipts analysed by category
Maintain a Statement of Activity and Balance Sheet.
(Currently this is achieved by a spreadsheet where a single entry for each transaction
updates all the required fields)

Appeals. Keep a separate record of each appeal showing the donations made, cheques issued and balance in hand.

Prepare budget for current year.

Reconcile  book balances with bank statements every month.

Transfer money between accounts as required.

Bank cheques received and acknowledge donations.

Write the Annual Report

Prepare accounts for audit at year end 31st March, ensuring supporting documentation is complete


Fix dates for meetings based on Trustees availability.

Prepare and circulate agenda in advance of the meeting

Prepare such financial reports as required by Trustees for presentation/discussion at meetings.


Complete Annual Return (Can now be done on-line)

Send them a certified copy of any resolution agreed by trustees changing any administrative aspect of our Governing Document.


Check Email daily and deal with messages as necessary.
Forward email applications to another trustee.

For more details or to apply for the position email the Chairman, or post c/o Tailwaggers Club Trust Secretary, Dogs Today, 4 Bonseys Lane, Chobham, Surrey. GU24 8JJ
Registered Charity No. 265069

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Great news!

Regular readers will know that at various point over the last couple of months we have tried to help OAP Dee stay together with her two dogs Rosie and Milo. She had ended up homeless and had been placed in a council emergency halfway house shelter in London, but it didn't allow her to have her dogs with her. Hence she had taken to sleeping in her car with her dogs.
This obviously couldn't continue and somehow we got to hear about it via a kindly vet and dog walker.
Via Twitter and facebook and blogs we launched an appeal to find a foster home for both dogs. There were many twists and turns as Rosie turned out not to much like being around other dogs and poor Milo needed to be near to the PDSA vets to get to his appointments as he had a fast growing lump on his leg.
But somehow, just in the nick of time, solutions were found and Rosie and Milo settled into loving foster homes with incredible people (Lorna had Rosie for most of the time, Kia and Tim had Milo and Bernice had Rosie for a week and Caroline and Mercedes were the ones who discovered Rosie was better alone!). Via ancient charity Tailwaggers Club Trust (of which I am Chairman by the way!) we launched an appeal for an emergency fund to pay for dog sitters or kennels etc to make sure dogs and owner didn't have to face a night in the car again. You were all very generous and we did need it a few times.
Last night I got the great news from Lorna that Dee is being housed on Friday and Milo and Rosie can rejoin her.
These dogs are Dee's life and it is just fantastic that her life is now back on track and her doggie family is being restored to her. When she had asked for help alone she was told to sign them over to a rescue for rehoming - something we all knew she'd never do.
I know that Rosie and Milo will be very much missed by their foster homes, but what they did for those dogs is the greatest act of love imaginable. And what they did for Dee... I've spoken to her several times over the last few months and being homeless at her age is very upsetting, but knowing that total strangers will offer to help you is life changing.
This whole episode encouraged us to write an article on fostering which will be in the September issue. That and @missyredboots Judith Broug's gentle nagging us to do something on fostering! (Judith designed the Don't Cook Your Dog campaign stickers and website... so lots of good ideas!).
So watch out for the September edition of Dogs Today - out August 11th.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Can you help put Scooby back together again?

At the beginning of June, Denise Nicholson received a call from a vet surgery in Worthing to say they were treating her son’s cat, Scooby. The tabby had been hit by at least two cars and was 20 miles away from his home in Burgess Hill. It is not known how he made the long journey. Vets were able to identify Scooby and contact Denise because he is microchipped.

Denise said, “I can’t recommend microchipping enough. My son's previous cat, Tommy, was killed by a car and we were both devastated, so Scooby was a replacement for my son. I had to make the decision whether to put him to sleep but I decided against it and told the vets to try and do everything they could to save him.”

The five-year-old boy has undergone extensive surgery – costing just shy of £4000 – to help him to walk again. Scooby’s rear right leg sustained multiple injuries and now has synthetic joins and ligaments, his pelvis had been displaced on one side, his kidney detached, he developed peritonitis from the blunt trauma and his left foreleg sustained a horrendous injury, leaving him with an open wound which requires ongoing treatment and a possible skin graft. He also required hours in an oxygen tent when he was first brought in to the Worthing vets as he had respiratory problems.
Denise is on a low income and is been a single mother to her teenage son, whose father passed away in 2006. She has contributed £500 toward the bill so far. Tailwaggers, Paws and Claws, and the RSPCA has given £1,100 between them. Since the initial bill, Scooby has had to have the x-fix on his leg removed, and may require a skin graft. This has added another £1,000 to the bill. It is also costing between £50 and £100 per week for check-ups with Scooby’s registered vets in Burgess Hill.
Denise would be incredibly grateful for any help to cover the cost of Scooby’s bill. She said, “I really appreciate the help and sympathy that everyone has shown both Scooby and myself.”
In the unlikely event that we raise more money that is needed to put Scooby back together we will use the funds on other deserving Tailwaggers cases. Click here for a link to Scooby's JustGiving appeal. 

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Rosie needs a place to stay...

Rosie now needs a place to stay again from Tuesday afternoon or even before that if you can manage it to make sure she settles.

We need someone to take her from Tuesday afternoon or earlier and keep her until Dee gets rehoused - have asked for an ETA for that, but it can't be much longer as the halfway house costs the council a small fortune. The foster home doesn't have to be in central London, but they do need to ideally not have any dogs or cats.

Rosie is 11 years old and very sweet with people.

We have some funds as yet unallocated from the appeal but we have already eaten into much of the money already donated for dog sitting cover on other days when Rosie needed a sitter.THe possible bill for an animal aunt to cover the period current foster mum is working is just too enormous to contemplate and we just don't have the money donated to anywhere near cover it.

Hence we are now officially desperate! To add to to equation - I am so busy with the Don"t Cook Your Dog Campaign and school holidays having broken up plus being about to go away myself, I really can't spend as much time trying to make this happen as I would normally and have already for this case - so I am begging you to please help me find somewhere for Rosie to stay!
Click here for their JustGiving link - we are really in need of topping this up now as we've lost all margin of error. Tailwaggers is a tiny little charity and we really do need your help!

My email address is if you can help in any way at all!!!

Rosie's owner Dee is an OAP with mobility problems. Due to misfortune she's ended up homeless in London and the council halfway house wasn't dog friendly so rather than give up her two dogs - which are the most important things in her life - she chose to sleep in the car with them instead. As soon as we heard about this we tried to find foster home for Rosie and Milo - and Tailwaggers Club Trust set up a Just Giving page to mean we could pay for dog sitters etc to keep the dogs safe.  We've already used some of that money for cover days when Rosie's foster mums had to go out to work and leave Rosie.

Milo is happily settled, but Rosie needs someone who has no other dogs or cats as Rosie is not greatly socialised. She can be left for a couple of hours but gets distressed if any longer. She is a very affectionate and loving dog and all her foster mums have adored her.

Hopefully Dee will soon reach to the top of the emergency housing  list and will get her own place and she can have her best friends back.  But until then, we need a plan B. If you think you could offer Rosie a temporary foster home can you email me with more details. Many thanks! 

Here's Dee's other dog Milo in his Foster home.
I've just received this email about Dee's other dog Milo's who is with foster mum Kia. 

Dear Beverley

We have just found out from Dee that Milo has cancer in his lump on his leg. Fortunately it won't spread to his organs but the worse case scenario might be losing the leg.
I will let you know what is happening after we have seen the vet next Tuesday. I will be giving him LOADS of healing in the mean time.

Anyway ... A lovely lady called Lisa Gozling sent Milo of a box of cookies from Daisy's Dog Deli. Please see the  link underneath as I have filmed him eating them and out its on Youtube so hopefully you can add it to your next blog.

I have also enclosed some more pics. The third one is of Dee holding Milo outside the vet... she said she doesn't mind you putting it in your magazine or internet if you write another blog.

Milo has officially become one of my closest and best friends. Tim is very busy with Cleo so Milo has adopted me as his temporary Mum and he follows me everywhere. He causes me to laugh out loud at least five times a day as he such a strong character. I love him sitting next to me on the sofa and his special Zebra-print, fluffy basket that I bought him is right next to my bed at night.

He seems to love eating lettuce, broad beans and all sorts of vegetables etc that he constantly begs from my plate. He can be a grumpy growler at times but I think that's because his little leg hurts him where a Rottweiller sat on him recently.

In short I love him profoundly and it will break my heart into a hundred pieces to let him go back to Dee. But I will never forget the happiness he has given me and how healing his company is on so many levels.

Kind prayers for his healing would be very much appreciated if your wonderful readers could possibly spare the time.

My love and gratitude

Kia xxx
  My email is
The Tailwaggers emergency Just Giving appeal is

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Help Sue back on her feet...

Sue the Lurcher was so badly scarred and emaciated when she was rehomed by John Fairclough in December 2008 that it was difficult to determine her exact age, but she is thought to be around six years old.
In January, Sue began limping and was diagnosed with a mild articular swelling of the left elbow, extending towards the shoulder. Although her mobility improved initially with the aid of an anti-inflammatory and painkillers, a few weeks later John discovered that the inflammation had worsened, causing nerve damage. Sadly, Sue was now unable to use the limb and amputation was the only option.
John said, "The pain she was in concerned me most. Her leg was so swollen, red and angry that I was worried she would have to be put to sleep."
The rescue centre that rehomed Sue informed John she had probably been used for hunting and her vet confirmed that Sue's injury is consistent with her previous lifestyle.
Sue's leg was amputated on 8 April and John is now trying to keep her mobile. He said, "Sue is doing fantastically well. She is enjoying short walks to the park to sniff the flowers."
Unfortunately, Sue was not insured at the time of treatment. Although John had previously insured her, when the time came to renew last Christmas, just weeks before Sue began to limp, John found the premium had increased way beyond his means. John is unable to work due to illness but has already paid over £300 towards Sue's treatment and his son, Sam, has donated over £800 from his savings. Tailwaggers has also made a contribution, for which John is extremely grateful. He would warmly welcome any help with the remainder of his vet bill.

If you can help, send a cheque (payable to 'Tailwaggers Club Trust') c/o Dogs Today at our usual address, or visit

Going the Distance for Tailwaggers

A collie cross and his owner are undertaking a staggering 70-mile trek in aid of Tailwaggers Club Trust. Jennie Keighley and seven-year-old Troika will take on the challenge between 16 and 23 May along the Cumbria Way in the Lake District.

Jennie met Troika while volunteering at an animal shelter in Lancaster, when he was 18 months old. She said, "He came from a young owner who couldn't afford to keep him any more. Apparently, he had broken his back leg badly as a puppy, and the vet was unable to fix it, so it had to be amputated.

"I hope to show that disabled animals can still live happy and fulfilling lives, and want to raise money to help treat ill or disabled pets, like Troika, and Tailwaggers fits the bill perfectly."
 To make a donation towards Jennie and Troika's trek click here  or send a cheque (payable to 'Tailwaggers Club Trust', marked 'Jennie and Troika'), c/o Dogs Today at The Dog House, 4 Bonseys Lane, Chobham, Surrey, GU24 8JJ