Thursday, 21 April 2011

Help Sue back on her feet...

Sue the Lurcher was so badly scarred and emaciated when she was rehomed by John Fairclough in December 2008 that it was difficult to determine her exact age, but she is thought to be around six years old.
In January, Sue began limping and was diagnosed with a mild articular swelling of the left elbow, extending towards the shoulder. Although her mobility improved initially with the aid of an anti-inflammatory and painkillers, a few weeks later John discovered that the inflammation had worsened, causing nerve damage. Sadly, Sue was now unable to use the limb and amputation was the only option.
John said, "The pain she was in concerned me most. Her leg was so swollen, red and angry that I was worried she would have to be put to sleep."
The rescue centre that rehomed Sue informed John she had probably been used for hunting and her vet confirmed that Sue's injury is consistent with her previous lifestyle.
Sue's leg was amputated on 8 April and John is now trying to keep her mobile. He said, "Sue is doing fantastically well. She is enjoying short walks to the park to sniff the flowers."
Unfortunately, Sue was not insured at the time of treatment. Although John had previously insured her, when the time came to renew last Christmas, just weeks before Sue began to limp, John found the premium had increased way beyond his means. John is unable to work due to illness but has already paid over £300 towards Sue's treatment and his son, Sam, has donated over £800 from his savings. Tailwaggers has also made a contribution, for which John is extremely grateful. He would warmly welcome any help with the remainder of his vet bill.

If you can help, send a cheque (payable to 'Tailwaggers Club Trust') c/o Dogs Today at our usual address, or visit

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