Friday, 1 October 2010

Vada needs your help

In April, Vada, a previously feisty and playful terrier cross, developed a limp. After several visits to the vet’s, it was discovered that she has suffered serious damage to the carpal tendons in her front legs. The seven-year-old requires expensive surgery – costing over £3,500 – to enable her to walk again.

Her owner, Kristy Allen, said, “I was devastated for Vada. I also felt helpless, this had happened so quickly, at first she was just limping. Then to be told her tendons were damaged beyond repair, it was just awful.”
Unfortunately, Kristy was unable to insure her dog because of pre-existing health conditions. Sadly, Vada’s condition is now deteriorating; she can’t walk for more than 10 minutes, can no longer run and play with Kristy’s other dog, Max, and is completely flatfooted.
In September, it was also discovered that Vada’s lymph nodes were inflamed; there was a chance she may have lymphoma. Thankfully Vada was given the all clear, much to the delight of Kristy and her husband, Nicholas.
“It was like a weight had been lifted – such relief!” remembered Kristy. “It was a shock for possible lymphoma to be thrown into the equation, I remember thinking how could things be so unfair?”
Kristy and Nicholas, a self-employed roofer who is experiencing difficulty finding work, are expecting a baby, due in December. The couple have decided to use the money they’d saved for the new arrival on Vada, and by also auctioning off items on eBay and selling their car, they have accumulated £1,000. Fortunately, their family have bought the items needed for their baby, and Tailwaggers Club Trust has kindly made a donation for Vada’s desperately needed surgeries.
Kristy said, “Saying it would mean the world for Vada to have her little legs fixed doesn't seem to cover it. It would mean everything to me; Vada means everything to me. She's my family.”

You can donate to Vada's Tailwaggers appeal via JustGiving by clicking the box to the right of this story or clicking here.