Thursday, 16 December 2010

Khan's huge fall and even bigger bill

In July, 18-month-old Khan suffered horrendous injuries after falling 34ft from a railway bridge. The accident traumatised her family, the Lawrences, and left the Boxer-collie cross fighting for life.
Khan had followed Joanne Lawrence’s children, Melody and Ryan, up onto a bridge during a walk along a disused railway line. Joanne called her children down but to her horror Khan tumbled off the side.
Joanne remembered, “Every emotion went through me: I was numb and scared and a lot of guilt set in later.”
Then, on the way to find help, Joanne’s father Ian collapsed. Torn between helping him or her dog, and with Melody and Ryan deeply upset, Joanne telephoned an ambulance and ran to Khan’s side. With Ian in the paramedics’ care, Joanne rushed Khan to the vet’s.
Khan had suffered a break to one paw and a back leg, which had a massive haematoma, and hairline fractures to her pelvis and another paw. She stayed at the vet’s for over a week after a major operation and went back later for further surgery. Joanne said, “The staff at The Animal House in Rugby saved her life; I think they’re heroes.”
Khan is slowly recovering and has had to spend much of her time in a cage, unable to enjoy her young life.
Joanne has been let with a bill totalling £4,500. Thankfully Khan is insured, but up to a limit of £2,500. Tailwaggers has made a donation towards Khan’s treatment and Joanne is now appealing to fellow dog owners for help towards the rest of the bill.
Joanne said, “To be able to do the normal things with her would mean everything to me and my family; she is a great friend and I couldn’t imagine a day without her.”